Google Spain CO and french revisionist Roger Garaudy. Mail to Google Inc. (english)

According to the web-side Cordopolis1 taken up by Fundación Paradigma Córdoba2, Google Spain CO, Mr. Javier Rodríguez Zapatero is about to take the presidency of the Fundación Paradigma Córdoba.
This fondation was created by Mr. Roger Garaudy, who was its director until his death in 2012.
Mr. Garaudy was convicted by French courts of disputing the existence of crimes against humanity, public defamation of a group of people – namely the Jewish community – and incitement to discrimination and racial hatred. Mr. Garaudy appealed before the European Court of Human Rights3 but his action was dismissed.
I have recenty asked Google Spain to comment on this issue but I have not received any answer yet4.
Against this background, may I kindly ask you to inform me if Mr. Rodríguez Zapatero’s involvement in Fundación Paradigma Córdoba complies with your corporate standards and ethical values ?
Best regards,
Sebastián Nowenstein

3The decision (requête no 65831/01 présentée par Roger GARAUDY contre la France) and an abstract in english (INADMISSIBILITY DECISION IN THE CASE OF GARAUDY v. FRANCE) are available at the Court’s web-side :

4The fax I sended to Google Spain is here :